Development Update

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We are ramping up for more interesting updates in the next coming weeks and months.

Update 0.14.21 contains the following changes

  • Improve and Balance Imperator’s Characteristics.
    • Sweeper – Increases Agility and decreases Defense and Elemental Defense
    • Wall – Increases Defense and HP and greatly decreases Agility
    • Magician – Increases Elemental Strength but decreases HP and Luck
    • Fury – Increases Strength but decreases Elemental Strength and Agility
    • Fortitude – Increases Elemental Defense and HP and greatly decreases Luck
    • Fate – Increases Luck but decreases all other stats
  • New Storyline! (if you already finished the story, you can always go back and see the new dialogue).
  • Zodiac Imperators now have a second type.
  • Zodiac Imperators now only have one Zodiac Attack instead of two.

Thank you for your support as we continue improving Imperium Revolution!

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Our plan is to have the players influence the direction we take our game from now. We want to have a community of people testing the game and giving us constant feedback about the things we can add and change. Please join our Discord channel to start the conversation.