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As busy as we are with developing the game, we still really want to keep you up to date on all our progress. So here’s our Devblog that we’ll post from time to time.

We are a small group of video game enthusiasts who have just started development on a role-playing game where the player is able to collect Imperators and train them in battle. The long term goal for the player is to expand their teams and be able to show their unique team set up in ranked matches and tournaments. We want a community of testers to help us with developing this game!

We will update this blog from time to time to tell you what we are doing.

Until then make sure to join us on our Discord server.

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Our plan is to have the players influence the direction we take our game from now. We want to have a community of people testing the game and giving us constant feedback about the things we can add and change. Please join our Discord channel to start the conversation.