Content Update: King of Everwinter

Version 0.11.22 Beta

Blog and Updates


Major New Content and Features

  • Introducing King of Everwinter Tournament –  There is trouble in the land of Everwinter and a new king must be crowned, is it going to be you? Bring your best team because the road to becoming King can be a difficult one. Once you obtain the kingdom there will be a great reward waiting for you.
    • Head towards the Tournament under the “Arena” section in the Main Menu.

Minor Content and Features Updates

  • Added 30 more status effects to current attacks, as well as balancing the damage output of all attacks.
  • Added a “hyper-fast” battle camera speed in the Settings section.
  • Redesign the layout of the Settings section.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed grammar issues during the battle scene.

We really hope you enjoy the King of Everwinter Tournament and all the improvements we are making.

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