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Happy new year to everyone on behalf of Imperium and NeuralGames!

We begin 2022 with a huge content update!


  • Introducing Aurora’s Tower – An endless tower battle system that allows you to gain Experience and Imperator Points outside of the main storyline. Inside the tower, you’ll also be able to fight against all 202 Imperators in the world of Everwinter and if you defeat them in the tower, you’ll be able to capture them in the Capture System.
  • Introducing Zodiac Encounters – Do you know your Zodiac dates and signs? You’ll be able to find a brand new elemental type “Zodiac” and 12 Zodiac Imperators for you to battle against and potentially capture!
    • Zodiac Type is strong against Umbra, Ventus, and itself and weak against Earth and Wind.
  • Introducing Kaos’ Dungeon –  This dangerous Dungeon is a way for you to gain an Experience Multiplier during 4 unique battles. This is a perfect way for you to level up your lower level imperators very quickly, but be careful, these battles are no easy task.

We are very excited about this content update that allows you to experience different game modes and all available imperators!

Until the next update… make sure to join us on our Discord server.

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Our plan is to have the players influence the direction we take our game from now. We want to have a community of people testing the game and giving us constant feedback about the things we can add and change. Please join our Discord channel to start the conversation.