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We are excited to bring the final pieces to the Imperator’s Party section.

Introducing Sacrifice and Battle Roll.

Sacrifice: This will allow you to clear room in your Party boxes, but also gives you extra Imperators Points for each sacrificed Imperator.

Imperators generally will give you 70 percent back their normal Imperator Point cost.

Battle Roll: This option will give you the ability to randomly change the Imperator’s characteristics, but at a high cost of Imperator’s Points.

There is an Attacks tutorial screen where it shows our type effectiveness table and other useful information for attacks.

Hope you enjoy this update as we continue to improve and add more features to Imperium Revolution.

Important Developer Comment:

We are re-evaluating Imperium Revolution’s King of Everwinter by changing the way our ladder system works. This means that we’ll be resetting the current ladder and improving on the logic of the King of Everwinter challenge by only allowing your team to be in the run for King only once. This will allow players to go up against different battles and promote more gameplay.

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Our plan is to have the players influence the direction we take our game from now. We want to have a community of people testing the game and giving us constant feedback about the things we can add and change. Please join our Discord channel to start the conversation.