Every year the opportunity opens for anyone to join the Ancient Tournament and go against each Clan and their Clan’s Guardian and ultimately battle against the Ancient Tournament champion and claim victory and join one of the seven clans in Everwinter.

Now it’s up to you to master your Imperators to become the next Ancient Tournament Champion.

Imperium Revolution is free for you to play! download it today on your favorite platform.

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Blog and Updates
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Blog and Updates
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Our plan is to have the players influence the direction we take our game from now. We want to have a community of people testing the game and giving us constant feedback about the things we can add and change. Please join our Discord channel to start the conversation.

Build your own team

Imperium Revolution offers you the chance to capture over 200 Imperators and train them to battle against other players.

Elemental strategy

Over the years eight different elemental forces started to merge with the Imperators giving them unique abilities and characteristics. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Exciting turn-based fights

Master the fast-paced turn-based strategic combat system and make sure you are always one move ahead of your opponent in order to achieve victory.

Online battles

Meet other Guardians of Everwinter in an all-new Imperium Battle Arena. Fight against other formidable Guardians for the opportunity to claim your rank among the Legendary Guardians.